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Broaden the home office boundaries

| By Servcorp (Source: The Australian Financial Review)

“Even with using all the technology benefits, a serviced office is 30 per cent to 50 per cent cheaper than renting a cheap office,” says Servcorp chief operating officer Marcus Moufarrige.

Any home business operator knows it's a difficult balancing act working at home. But keeping expenses low is paramount for start-ups, and leasing your own office space – even if you're growing at a comfortable pace – may be a pipe-dream for the first few years.

In the meantime, what can you do? A serviced office will usually be your first port of call. An internet search brings up hundreds of providers but many are property arbitragers and offer a very limited range of services.

It can also be quite expensive to include in the package IT and other essential services such as mail handling and phone answering for a dedicated number.

Servcorp is one of the largest operators in this space in Australia and have a global presence. They offer reasonably priced services for a range of businesses. With their global reach, they are often used by international companies looking for a local presence, but that doesn't mean the start-up SME should rule them out.

“Price is a big consideration – not so much how much you're paying but what you are getting for your money,” Servcorp chief operating officer Marcus Moufarrige says. “Even with using all the technology benefits, a serviced office is 30 per cent to 50 per cent cheaper than renting a cheap office.”

Rent at an average office in a central CBD location in Sydney for two to three people at Servcorp starts at $1500 a month. The full technology package is an extra 30 per cent.

When using a serviced office, make sure you know what you are getting. A direct number with a personalised answering service, plus mail pick-up and handling are a must.

Servcorp offers call answering and direct numbers. You can also access their offices around the world or have your Australian number answered in Tokyo in Japanese. Such facilities could provide global opportunities for your business that previously may not have been possible.

“What people should be looking for is an underlying investment in technology that's going to help their business,” says Moufarrige. “Mobility and the ‘cloud' mean any small business can be an international. Even look at revising your business model across much larger geographics.”

Servcorp has cheaper virtual office options but you can even take your rented private office home with you. “You can answer your desk phone from wherever you are in the world – you can manage all of that,” Moufarrige says.

The Australian Financial Review