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The truth of Servcorp Virtual Office

| Servcorp (Source: LIG inc.)

What it's like to have a Virtual Office!?

Hello everyone, I am at Marunouchi today because I've heard that there is a cost-effective way to set up an office at a premium business location, such as Marunouchi. Let's find out if this is true!

Firstly, what comes to your mind when you hear “Marunouchi”?
Nice restaurants? Business men?

If you thought of high-rise buildings, you've read my mind.

Marunouchi Trust Tower is located in the heart of Marunouchi, right next to Tokyo Station. I'm here today to visit their office on the 20th floor.

Let's just cut to the chase and visit them now.

WOW……this looks luxurious ……

Even their granite-floor is sparkling!

I'm in love.

By the way, what kind of business would you start if you were able to get your hands on a gorgeous office like this?

Believe it or not, you can actually rent such an office very cost-effectively!

So on that note, I would like to introduce Servcorp's Virtual Office. Servcorp has over 140 locations worldwide, which allows them to provide Virtual Office services on a global scale.

Servcorp: 「Hello, thank you for visiting our office. I will be taking you on an office tour today. Hope you enjoy my tour!」

Me: (Is she some kind of angel?! So beautiful…)

Me: 「VERY nice to meet you. So, let me get straight to the point … what is Virtual Office? How does it work? This place seems very real to me and far from ‘virtual'.」

Servcorp : 「I understand the confusion. To explain it very simply, Virtual Office provides you with all the functions you would want to run your business, but without an actual physical office.

Me: 「So it's having an office without the costs of a full-time physical office suite?」

Servcorp: 「Exactly!」

Servcorp: 「We do of course, offer work space as well, but on top of that we have receptionists answering calls the way you like, dedicated bilingual secretaries, meeting rooms, business lounges, industry leading IT environment, and much more.」

Me: 「I see. So I can have access to all the tools necessary for operating a business without actually renting a physical office?」

Servcorp: 「Yes. By using our Virtual Office, our staff will support you just like they are your own company's employees.

Me: 「…that…sounds…FANTASTIC! So I can ask you to do anything I want?!」

Servcorp: 「If I had to say my true feelings, then…..I hope not.」

Servcorp: 「Moving on, our staff are all bilingual and have gone through a very intensive training program in order to become a fully functioning receptionist for your company right away.」

Me: 「So I can have a dedicated receptionist?」

Servcorp: 「Yes, they can answer your phone calls the way you like them to be answered. They can also transfer calls to your specified phone numbers, take a message on behalf of you, and so on.

Me: 「I understand. Usually it would cost a lot to hire and train your own staff to answer the phone professionally. But with Virtual Office, Servcorp's fully trained receptionists are ready to help you as one of our own staff right away! ….Plus, they are perfectly bilingual!

Servcorp: 「Handling phone calls is not the only service they provide. They can provide a full range of secretarial support such as translations, sending couriers, etc...

Me: 「Great! And I'm assuming that I can also ask them on a date?」

Servcorp: 「…I guess…as long as they willingly accept your offer…」

Me: 「I see..willingly is the key…」

Servcorp: 「Anyway, let's tour the office!」

Me: 「Yes, please!」

Business lounge and kitchen area

Servcorp: 「This is the Business Lounge. As part of the Virtual Office services, you can use this space to work.」

Servcorp: 「You have complimentary access to the lounge 3 hours/day, not only in Japan but also in over 140 locations worldwide.

Me: 「WHAT!?…did you just say we can use this space worldwide in addition to all the locations available in Japan?」

Servcorp: 「We invested US$50 million in the network infrastructure and made it possible to offer superfast internet via your own personal Global V.P.N. You can access secured and dedicated Wi-Fi at every location across the globe.」

Me: 「US$50 million…」

Me: 「…well then, let me put your word to the test…Let's see how fast your internet connection can load my blog site. I've been receiving a lot of complaints that my blog takes too long to load all the content.」

Servcorp: 「…well that's very discouraging for your potential blog fans, but sure, please go ahead.」

Me: 「All right, then I will try to open "The Legendary Web Designer" page as this section contains relatively high number of images.」


Me: 「What?!…that was FAST!」(This part wasn't scripted. I really meant it)

Me: 「It takes about 5 seconds to be open this page using my company's LAN connection, but it took only 3.3 seconds here! Wonderful! What a great Wi-Fi environment … 」

Servcorp: 「Thank you. This is the power of a US$50 million investment.」

Me: 「I find this super-fast internet important, especially for business men whose every minute and every second are very precious for their success.」

Servcorp: 「In the kitchen area, you can enjoy free coffee and tea. Servcorp clients come here to relax and take a quick break. Think of it as an "oasis" at the workplace.」

Me: 「This coffee tastes really good! It really heals me! This must be very high quality coffee.」

Servcorp: 「Thank you. We are glad to hear that. Our coffee is very popular among clients and everyone loves it.」

Servcorp: 「We also have various kinds of beverages available such as juice, tea, redbull and even alcohol. You will have to pay for these types of beverages, but in a sense, its all-you-can-drink.」

Me: 「There are many business occasions in which alcohol may come in handy, so it's great to know that it's always available.」


Servcorp: 「This is our boardroom. You can use it on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Me: 「This is the boardroom!? Wow! How luxurious! I feel like I've slipped back to the bubble era!」

Servcorp: 「If you book the boardroom in advance, you can use any of our boardrooms available worldwide. You can also book it from your smartphone in real-time using the Meeting App, so it does not have to be booked within business hours and there is no need to call.

Me: 「I am very impressed! I can see that Servcorp places a high importance in having a luxurious environment….(suddenly gets distracted)…who is that?!」

Me: 「…can it be?! …is she the Virtual Office goddess!?」

Servcorp: 「Let me introduce you to her. Her name is Olga. She is the General Manager of Servcorp Japan. She came here to see you.」

Me: 「What an honour! I didn't know that your General Manager is from overseas!」

We were able to interview Olga Vlietstra, General Manager Japan, who is originally from Netherlands!


Me: 「In your opinion, please tell us what Servcorp offers to its clients.」

Olga: 「Firstly, entrepreneurs can save several costs which are usually required to run their business, for example rent, furniture and utilities. In addition, costs for training receptionists and secretaries can also be saved with us.

Olga: 「We think professional businessmen deserve to be in 5-star office environment. But in fact, not many people can afford them from the beginning. That is why our Virtual Office can solve those problems and let entrepreneurs run their businesses professionally even with a shoestring budget at a prestigious CBD address.

Me: 「Sounds fascinating! Seems like a great service that helps entrepreneurs run their business successfully.

Olga: 「Yes, and our staff supports clients with their daily administrative tasks so the clients can focus on the core of their business. This idea has leaded us to starting Virtual Office services in the first place.」

Me: 「I see. Do you have any message for the people who are reading this article?」

Olga: 「Yes, we are happy to welcome everyone to our offices and show you what Servcorp is all about. We'll even offer you our delicious coffee! It tastes much better than Starbu×××.」

Me: 「It's great that the office tour is free! And I would love to try that coffee again!」
*Please note that coffee taste may vary greatly depending on your preference

Servcorp: 「Now that you understand what a Servcorp Virtual Office is, I would like to propose a toast!」

Me: 「…oh… you have champagne too!?」

Me: 「Hmm. I see that you have prepared Moet. I'll be your Moet and you can be my Chandon. Together, we'll be Moet & Chandon forever.」

Servcorp: 「I can't drink because I am working right now, but let's toast.」


The sound of the champagne glass resonated across the prestigious boardroom, and at that moment, the gateway to a new world called “Virtual Office” has just opened for me…. whatever that means.

- Monologue by Me -

I wish more people knew about this useful service at Servcorp.
I wish I can return to Servcorp to meet this beautiful lady again.
I wish I never saw that shiny thing on the ring finger of her left hand.

But you must never give up!
The story (one-sided romance) has just begun.

- Monologue ends -

Me: 「More importantly, you can sign up for a Virtual Office at Marunouchi from 22,000 JPY/ month

Thoughts after the visit…

Me: 「You know, it was like a dream come true to find out that you can use this prestigious facility from only 22,000 JPY/ month

Me: 「It must cost several trillion dollars if you were to open an office at such a prestigious CBD address. Regardless, you only pay 22,000 JPY/ month~ if you use Servcorp's Virtual Office.」
*The cost estimate provided is just my uneducated guess.

Me: 「Such a great view, especially of Tokyo Station. I still cannot believe that 22,000JPY/ month~ comes with this spectacular view.」


Hope you enjoyed the article!

Servcorp's Virtual Office is available in 4 different packages: The Virtual Office (all-in-one package), Communication package, Address package and Meeting Package. You can select the service that best suits your needs!
If you would like to know more about their services, start from here:
Servcorp Virtual Office

Virtual Office is the solution for those who are looking for an office at a prestigious business address and want to save initial costs that are usually prevalent when starting a business.

Outside of Tokyo, Servcorp has locations in Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and in over 140 locations worldwide. Once you sign up with Servcorp's services, you have access to all their facilities. The world becomes your office.

We are happy to welcome everyone and offer you our delicious coffee!
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