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Supporting your business through original applications

Servcorp's mission is to help our clients succeed in a competitive business environment, helping them leverage the latest in information and communication technology (ICT) services in order to help them to execute solid business strategies. We've invested over $40 million in building a global interconnected data network to ensure our products and services save you money and time.

These days, workstyles are diversifying and the amount of industries introducing remote working are on the rise. To respond to the needs of those who may not have a set place to work and require a more flexible workstyle, Servcorp has developed two IT services in house:

Servcorp Onefone

Servcorp Onefone is a powerful application that allows you to use your Servcorp landline phone number on your smartphone! When you install Onefone, you'll be able to make or receive calls on your landline number, even if you're out of the office. In addition, this application utilizes Servcorp's powerful global network in order to save you on cost. Here are some of Onefone's features and high-grade qualities.

Anywhere, worldwide

When you install Servcorp Onefone, with just an internet connection you'll be able to use your Servcorp provided landline phone number anywhere in the world! Also included is all the regular features of a landline phone like calling, voicemail (with a multitude of options), conference calls, call-forwarding, phone-extensions, and more. So even if you're at home, a hotel on business, or an airport lounge, you'll be able to make and take calls from your business phone number, just as if you were at the office.

Save a bundle on telephone costs

With Onefone, you're utilizing Servcorp's powerful global network so only a small special telephone rate applies, cutting your costs. First, wherever you go with just an internet connection you'll be able to call your company for free. Plus, when you're making calls to *Tokyo, you'll only be charged the local calling rate. For those who travel a lot on business, normally you would be paying an international calling rate, but with Onefone you don't have to worry!

Number Display

When you make calls, a landline number starting with ‘03' or ‘06' is displayed to the person receiving the call, not some ‘050' IP phone number or smartphone number. Wherever you're calling from, you're showing the same number to your clients putting them and you at ease. This kind of consistency is not just helping your business, but it is also an integral part of your image as a professional.

*A phone number registered in Tokyo (03) will be charged a local-calling rate for calls to the (03) area. In the case of phone numbers registered in other areas, for example Osaka (06), Nagoya (052), Fukuoka (092), Yokohama (045), etc., a local calling rate will apply only for those calls which are made to their respective areas.

Servcorp Onefax

Onefax is an original service from Servcorp which lets you send and receive faxes from your own PC. Through a special website, you be able to both send and receive faxes. And, you'll receive faxes to your personal e-mail address in a PDF format automatically, so you can check the content of any faxes anywhere easily. For nomad workers or anybody who takes a lot of business trips, this is an indispensable service.

A cost-efficient and environmentally friendly tool

You can send, receive, and read all faxes right from your computer, so there's no need to buy paper, ink & toner, or even the fax machine itself! You only have to print out what you need, so you're saving on paper and toner. You can cut your costs all while lessening your impact on the environment.

The ability to fax from anywhere at anytime

Up to now, a fax machine had to be used where it physically existed. But with Servcorp Onefax, with just an internet connection, you can use your fax machine at anytime and anyplace. You'll feel as if your fax machine is at your fingertips at any time. Whether you're at home, or on a business trip, you'll be able to send and receive faxes. And when you check your e-mail, you'll be able to check your faxes instantly.

It makes organizing documents easy

As mentioned above, documents can also be sent to your e-mail address in PDF format. So anything you do with regular e-mail is possible. Sort documents chronologically, by name, or even make a separate digital folder for each client; the choice is up to you! Through this, your client document storage will become a breeze.

Store sensitive information safely

A fax machine in an office isn't always the best for security. Faxes that are sent will be printed out in a physical location where anyone can see, or even worse, they can take the documents for themselves. With Onefax, the documents will be sent to e-mail addresses that you put in your settings, so you can control exactly who will see the information. You can set multiple e-mail addresses to receive faxes, or set it to a personal address or team e-mail address, so you are always in control.

Meetings App

The 'Meetings' app is an easy-to-use iOS/Android application allowing you to book Servcorp meeting rooms and facilities whenever and wherever you like. Choose boardrooms, meeting rooms, office space and facilities from over 150 prestigious locations and book them at the touch of a button and in under a minute. Your booking is confirmed instantly - how easy is that?

Whenever and Wherever

You can book meeting rooms and facilities.
It's easy to use. Book Servcorp boardrooms, meeting rooms, day offices, or other facilities at over 150 locations about the world straight from your smartphone or tablet.

Why our clients love the meetings app

  • Fast - You can make a booking in less than a minute
  • Easy to use - Simple set-up process and user friendly functionality
  • Convenient - Book Servcorp facilities anywhere and anytime
  • Real time bookings - 'Meetings' is not a booking application. Once you tap "Done" your booking is in the system!
  • Free - The application is free for download from the iTunes store

How does it work?

1. Choose the country and city for your meeting

2. Choose your desired Servcorp Location

3. Select the type of meeting facility you require

4. Choose the date, time and duration of your meeting

5. Get instant confirmation on availability and/or suggestions of available times

Request catering, additional equipment or special room arrangements
Send a meeting invitation to your guests and clients
Get ready for your meeting!

Select a Location

You can run your business from anywhere in Japan or in 150 locations worldwide

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