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Summer Charity Event and Muffin Run at Aoyama Palacio Tower

July 2014 | Servcorp

At Servcorp, we support Run For The Cure® Foundation, an NPO whose mission is to eradicate breast cancer in Japan as a life-threatening disease through education, timely screening, and treatment.

The team at Aoyama Palacio Tower held a charity event to raise funds for the Foundation from Wednesday, June 25th through Tuesday, July 8th.

The theme of the event was the World Cup. Areas including the kitchen and the business lounge were decorated with flag-themed stickers, and held a World Cup Trivia Contest.

Clients participated in the trivia contest by donating 1000 JPY to the Run For The Cure® Foundation, and the contestant with the most correct answers won 7 kinds of world beers.

On the final day of the event, the team hosted a muffin run and served cold matcha drinks, hot sweet green tea, as well as matcha chocolate ganaches. To match Brazil's signature color, everything the team served was green-colored.

Thanks to everyone's generous contribution, the charity event was a great success. We appreciate everyone's participation in this important cause.

Up next at Aoyama Palacio Tower, the team will host a “Hawaiian Night” on Friday, August 8th. We hope everyone attends the event!

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