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Tokyo Big Sight

August 2016 | Servcorp

Ariake Frontier Building where the Servcorp is located is directly connected to Tokyo Big Sight via 2nd floor corridor. From this location with such great access, we will be delivering to you some exciting topics related to Tokyo Big Sight and the exhibitions.

In this very first article, we would like to introduce to you the Tokyo Big Sight itself.
Originally, it was built as Tokyo International Trade Fair Commission in Harumi, Chuo-ku in 1956. It then moved to the current location in Ariake, Koto-ku back in 1996. Being operated by the company K.K. Tokyo Big Sight, it has come to be widely known as “Tokyo Big Sight” over the years.

In this photo, you see the architecture shaped like up-side-down pyramids. This is this central meeting tower, connecting West and East Wings in the center. If you have been here, you must have felt that walking from one end of the building to the other end is quite exhausting because of its size!! Even to us energetic Servcorp staffs, it’s quite difficult to remain bright and cheerful after a long day of visiting the exhibitions.

Have you ever wondered how large Tokyo Big Sight is?

You keep walking…

You keep walking…

and walking… but never get to the end of the building.

As of 2016, Tokyo Big Sight is currently the largest convention center in Japan and the total exhibition area size is 80,000 square meters. Surprisingly, Tokyo Big Sight ranks 70th in the world when it comes to the size.

Ranking #1: Hanover Fairground, Germany
Ranking #2: Messe Frankfurt, Germany
Ranking #3: Fiera Milano Exhibition Center, Italy

Hanover Fairground actually has the total exhibition area size of 490,000 square meters. It’s not easy to imagine the facility six times as big as Tokyo Big Sight, is it?!

Let’s look at the ranking by countries.

Ranking #1: USA (Total 6.71 mil. square meters)
Ranking #2: China (Total 4.75 mil. square meters)
Ranking #3: Germany (Total 3.37 square meters)

These countries seem to strategically invest into the trade show business.
What would be the motivation and reason behind such investments?

Let's look at the characteristic of exhibitions.

1. Buyers travel from all over the world for the purpose of doing business
2. Negotiation and transaction can be done on the spot (It is the way to make sales!!)
3. Over thousands of competitors gather together in one place
4. The same trade show happens at the same place at the same time of the year
5. It’s a great place to gather the latest information of the industry
Let me summarize by saying that the trade shows are the place where PEOPLE, MONEY, and INFORMATION come together. They are the crucial ingredients of the successful business, aren’t they?

We will continue to unfold the attractive features of the trade shows in the future articles, so stay tuned!!

Here is the list of upcoming major events at Tokyo Big Sight.
Whether you are coming as an exhibitor or as a visitor, please stop by at Tokyo Big Sight.
We have meeting rooms and co-working space available for you!!

Aug. 12~14, 2016: COMIC MARKET (Exhibition and sale for DOJINSHI)
Aug. 30~Sep.1, 2016: Gaishoku Business Week 2016(Japan’s Largest Restaurant Business Show)
Sep. 1~3, 2016: Japan Jewellery Fair 2016 ( International jewellery trade fair for the upcoming Christmas and year-end retail season)
Sep. 7~9, 2016: The 82nd Tokyo International Gift Show Autumn 2016 ( The Largest Trade Show in Japan)
Sep. 13~16,2016: Logis-Tech Tokyo 2016 ( Japan’s Largest Exhibition for Material Handling & Logistics)
Sep. 22~25, 2016: JATA Tourism EXPO Japan ( The Word’s Leading Global Comprehensive Tourism Event)

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