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Servcorp vs. WeWork

There is no comparison

  Servcorp Traditional Comments
Instantly get a local landline number answered in your company's name. The phone and IT difference
Take your desk phone wherever you go in the world Servcorp provides a mobile App to make/receive calls, 
WeWork just a handset
Free call plans - all destinations

 A global VoIP network providing Tier 1 connection.

Six incoming lines + interactive voicemail & press 1 to mobile At Servcorp, your phone will never ring engaged! 6 incoming lines
All clients are just an extension call away. Free calls to the Servcorp Community around the globe.
Super fast and Secure Internet Tier 1 Internet, 99.9% uptime, highest security standards - the fastest secure Internet in the flexible workspace industry.
Dial *1 for IT help 100 in-house Servcorp IT experts on-hand to support you - no outsourcing!
Bilingual receptionist who answers your calls the way you would like and puts it through to wherever you like The Service difference
Receptionist can answer calls when you're on the phone  Professional call handling
Secretaries available to assist you Servcorp will always have a trained team member on hand to assist your business
Print from Coworking space directly to our copiers in colour or black and white  Servcorp provides connectivity at all levels
160+ 5-star locations across the globe available for your use  Unrivaled fit-out standards with premium addresses at all offices around the world
Our address can become your business address  Great for business collateral, registering your business, and receiving mail.
40,000 global Servcorp Community members available on directory or by phone www.servcorpcommunity.com - socialize, communicate, collaborate, learn and profit
WeWork 60,000 Community, no vocal connection through switchboard, no local directory.  
Up to 2.5 days free use at any of Servcorp's 160+ locations across the globe ¥5,000/day  
Security deposit 1 month 2 months  
All private information including CCTV footage, credit card details, and community interaction vests with WeWork At WeWork you have NO ownership of your life or business!