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Client Voices

Serviced Office Client Kiyohisa Konishi Value Creation Corp Representative Director
Shinsaibashi Plaza Building - Shinkan, Osaka

Mr. Kiyohisa Konishi, Representative Director of Value Creation Co Ltd., occupies a Servcorp Serviced Office on the 4th floor of the Shinsaibashi Plaza Building in Osaka. We talked to him about how he uses the office as well as how his business is growing as a result

The absolute empathy and trust I get from my secretaries is fantastic. It was an easy choice to upgrade from a Virtual Office to a Serviced Office.

When and how did you hear about Servcorp?

Before I chose to go with Servcorp, I was renting an office space on my own. It came about that I had to leave suddenly so I tried looking for alternatives like Virtual offices and Serviced Offices on the net. I selected three companies that I thought I would call and enquire further.

Why did you first choose to go with a Servcorp Virtual Office?

Among the three companies I found, the first one I called was Servcorp. I was struck by the politeness, responsiveness and general concern for my business needs. At that stage I was in the middle of moving and it was a difficult time. The voice on the other end seemed to understand my needs and so I decided to go and see an office that very same day.

This may have been a coincidence, but at the time, the Shinsaibashi location was on the last day of a campaign. It was a deciding factor that sealed the deal, but I have to say my mind was already made up at the phone call.  In the end, I didnt even make enquiries to the two other companies I was originally planning to contact.

What kind of services do you use at Servcorp?

Since I am operating this company solo, I often have to go out so I use the receptionists a lot of manage my calls. Secretaries also take care of my mail, so it really does feel like they are my dedicated staff.

Mr Konishi laughs as he recalls how its not only him that benefits.

My clients are also extremely pleased. It is often the case where my clients will come for a meeting after having been away somewhere and bring souvenirs and gifts for the secretaries- but shockingly nothing for me!  This is actually a pleasure for me to watch as it shows that the secretaries are really building strong relationships with not only me, but my clients as well.

What is your favorite thing about Servcorp?

The level of service is outstanding. Although I mostly use the receptionists services as I already explained, it is the care and manner taken at all times. My clients also love the service which assists me in maintaining a professional image for my business. If I was to employ a full-time highly skilled bilingual secretary, it would be way too costly. By using the services of Servcorp, I can drastically reduce such personnel expenses. So in reality, what I have with Servcorp is very cost effective and is a great deal.

Regarding the facilities, the office floor is very comfortable, but the boardroom is particularly impressive when I have to hold larger meetings.

The first word my clients always say when they use the boardroom for the first time is always "Wow!"

Do you often chat or engage with other companies on the same floor?

I have never worked with anyone else on my floor, but I greet everyone in passing etc. It is often the case that things build up from these simple hellos. I would like to one day if I find a business with similar objectives.

Do you use other Servcorp locations for business?

Yes actually, from March this year, I have set up a Tokyo branch office at Marunouchi Trust Tower. So far Ive only visited the office twice, but it is a lovely office and will no doubt give the great impression that I require for my customers.

Do you have any suggestions on how Servcorp can assist you further?

Previously, when I needed to register trademarks for the company, my patent attorney was introduced to me by a friend. It turned out that he was a Servcorp client at Edobori!  We hit it off because of our Servcorp connection, so I decided to engage him after he gave me a special price. There is definitely a Servcorp effect. Servcorp should work on connecting their clients!

(*We are happy to announce the launch of our Community which does exactly this!*)

Why did you choose a Virtual Office & Servcorp Serviced Office rather than a standard rental office?

First of all, I decided to look for places that can handle my phone calls and provide a secretarial service. Call Management is not available when you go for a traditional rental space. As I have to go off site often, I cant handle my own calls in a timely and professional manner.

So why did you choose to upgrade from a Virtual Office to a Serviced Office?

When using the facilities at Shinsaibashi, I happened to see a vacant office and it was love at first sight! I decided to do my upmost to be able to rent it. Since securing the office, the necessity of having it has dramatically increased. With a Virtual Office, you have time limits in using the coworking facilities, and without a permanent space, you tend to have to lug around your baggage. My car was also packed with office related stuff. It was quite risky because at that time sales were not as good as they are now but I took on the challenge anyway. Now, I have no regrets and love the praise I get from my clients about the office.

Did you have any issues or problems you wanted to solve by upgrading?

As I mentioned earlier, it was largely due to limitations on using the coworking spaces and feeling like I was constantly carrying things around. These problems are now completely solved. I feel settled because I can work calmly any time - 365 days a year. Because of this, I will stay long term. I am also thankful to be able to see the cityscape of Shinsaibashi.

Which types of businesses do you think suit a Virtual Office and Serviced Office?

Sole practitioners and small business owners like myself who have to go off site on occasion.

The attractiveness is clear – with a Virtual Office you can have everything you need to run a small business effectively. Once space becomes an issue, you can transition to a Serviced Office.

Please tell us about your business!

We develop vital products for the paint and waterproofing construction industries. With our products, water leakage and paint peeling on constructions are drastically reduced, and we have a high level of client satisfaction. In addition, our products extend the life-span of buildings and reduce labor costs as we can shorten construction periods. However, what we excel in is not only selling the actual product, but also the construction method. We work with partners throughout the country, and our expertise is rapidly growing all over Japan.

You often hear about win-win situations, but in my case I like to use my own expression – happy-happy situations. If I am happy, everyone involved is happy. Thanks to Servcorp, I am able to work without hassle. I think my business model is not entirely different to Servcorps. In that respect, I think we are a perfect match!



Introducing Mr Konishis Servcorp Secretary, Rika-san.

How do you assist Mr Konishi?

I have worked with Mr Konishi for about a year now. Previously, we were regularly sending out elevator inspections notices to specific addresses on behalf of Mr Konishi. More recently, we have arranged his business cards, managed his monthly invoices and completed some data entry on his behalf.

I really enjoy making him and his guests feel welcome in utilizing all Servcorp facilities.

What are the rewarding aspects of assisting a client like Mr Konishi?

I make a particular effort to remember his clients names and preferred beverages and respond with a smile. I get a kick when I hear from Mr Konishi that his clients left our floor extremely satisfied. If you visit our location, you will immediately see how Mr Konishi lights up the room. I am so happy to be able to continue to support his business, Value Creation Co., Ltd. into the future.