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Client Voices

Serviced Office Client
Kei Sakaguchi Eurasia Group Country Representative
Marunouchi Trust Tower - Main, Tokyo
The decisive factor was the ability to set up immediately and do it on my own…

When did you first encounter Servcorp?

Prior to joining Eurasia Group, I belonged to an IT software company headquartered in San Francisco, USA. As the corporation was relatively young, when they entered the Japanese market initially they chose to borrow a Serviced Office and man it with a few local staff. After considering their options including taking up a Servcorp Serviced Office, I heard they went for a competitor, but in that process I heard what Servcorp also had to offer.

Why did you decide to move into a Servcorp Serviced Office this time?

While the Eurasia Group started its base in Japan from scratch, there were already 50 Japanese clients utilizing the company’s services so we already had a firm foothold. As business trips to New York are frequent, I needed to set up a base quickly and with as little fuss as possible. I also wanted to establish in an impressive location with quality services and facilities. We decided that Servcorp would be the best choice because they offered these things and we would be able to start immediately.

What was the deciding factor?

When we were making enquiries, Servcorp were quick, accurate and detailed in their responses. Also, since 70-80% of our clients were based in the local area of Marunouchi, the Trust Tower Main Building made sense. We made the judgement based on the high quality of the facilities, and the faultless service we received from the staff.

By choosing Servcorp, what problems were immediately solved?

First of all as I was establishing the office on my own, I didn’t need much space. It was wonderful that I had a complete package to operate as an office from Day 1, such as telephone, internet, secretarial services, and other facilities necessary to work.

What kind of services do you use at Servcorp?

We have our telephone calls answered and transferred as we like by the receptionist, and make good use of the bilingual secretarial services. I think that the work we need to dispatch to these secretaries will increase in the future. Because I have access to this business support when I am busy, it allows me peace of mind.

How do you want to use secretarial services in the future?

Since we may increase the number of employees in the future, I think the need for secretarial services will be different to the present time where I am working solo, but during busy periods where we need to urgently produce a large volume of materials or organize our database, I would like to request it.

What is your favorite thing about your Servcorp Office?

I can work independently, in my own bubble which allows me to work calmly and efficiently. The maintenance of facilities is also thorough and the pantry service is particularly substantial. Moreover, the quality of the staff is extremely high. Everyone is very professional. I can also rely on the staff to manage my calls that are critical to the business with absolute confidence.

Tell us about the line of work you are in?

Eurasia Group is a political risk consulting company established by political scientist Ian Bremer back in 1998. Our Head Office is located in New York, with about 140 employees worldwide. Approximately half of our employees analyze geopolitical risks around the world and provide analytical content to companies. Our basic service is to provide reports created by our analysts to our corporate clients. In some countries where regime change is common, especially in emerging countries, it can be difficult for companies to know whether foreign investment will have big impacts on the stability of their business in that country. More companies are wanting to comprehensively understand the issues before entering the country. In response to the needs of such companies, we provide these analytical services.

Why did you decide to establish yourselves in Japan?

We have about 300 clients worldwide, of which about 50 are Japanese. Until now, we had no offices in Japan, so employees at the New York Headquarters had to travel back and forth frequently to explore new business. As the number of clients in Japan has increased in recent years, we decided it best to establish a physical presence here. I was employed in June 2015, and started office in Tokyo the following month. Although we are still just beginning, we will increase by one soon and are seeking to increase again at the end of the year.

Are you planning to continue with Servcorp?

It depends on the extent of future expansion. When you look at it closely in terms of space and cost, it makes sense for the time being. It all depends on the speed and level of future expansion.

Do you interact much with other companies on your floor?

I deal mostly with the Servcorp staff. I know there are events but I have not been able to participate yet. I am however thankful to Servcorp for providing many opportunities for mutual exchange.

Do you have any particular wishes regarding Servcorp service or facilities in the future?

As I have to hold meetings regularly, I sometimes wish there were more than two small meeting rooms available. It would make reservations simpler. Also, if the reception time could be extended by 30 minutes it would be great. I would be interested to know whether any flexibility of facilities and business hours could exist in the future.



Notes from Mr. Sakaguchi’s Receptionist, Erika-san

Main support work

Managing Mr Sakaguchi’s telephone calls, and preparation and printing of materials used for his meetings.

Things we pay particular attention to for Mr Sakaguchi

For Mr Sakaguchi we deal with a large number of calls from overseas, and also major domestic companies and as well as the media, so we must make a good impression over the phone. We pay close attention to the way we interact and add that necessary smile to our voices.

Thoughts on having Mr Sakaguchi as a client

Mr. Sakaguchi is always gentlemanly and has a nice smile so we always receive good energy at the reception desk when he passes by.

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