Why care about employee engagement?

It’s perfectly reasonable to expect high performance levels from your staff, but you’ll find it’s much easier to achieve this goal if you also work hard to boost employee engagement.

Interested, motivated staff

The people you employ will make or break your business. Dedicated and honest employees can help you create a thriving, prosperous business, while lazy and untruthful workers can cripple even the strongest business plan. Choosing the right employees is the first and most important hurdle for successfully staffing your business.

That said, even the best workers can sometimes become fatigued and disheartened – something that can quickly affect their performance. Work hard to keep your staff interested and motivated and you’ll reap the rewards in a multitude of ways.

Benefits of improving employee engagement

Ensuring your staff are engaged with your business and invested in making it work will result in many valuable benefits. Engaged staff members are much more likely to have a strong work ethic and will go above and beyond what’s expected. In contrast, a survey by US research company Gallup found that disengaged staff members were three times as likely to pull a sickie as their counterparts.

Another US study, from the Temkin Group, found that companies with strong financial results reported an employee engagement rate of 75 per cent, compared with a 47 per cent rate for businesses with weak finances. High employee engagement levels also contribute to a higher retention rate and greater loyalty, both of which can be instrumental in helping you create a great working culture.

Keeping remote staff engaged

Remote working is becoming an increasingly valuable tool for many businesses, but it can open some new challenges for employee engagement. If you have staff members that regularly work from home, in a virtual office or in remote locations throughout the world, you need to be aware of the fact you may need to work a little harder to ensure they remain engaged and focused on the business.

Schedule regular calls, introduce bonus schemes, offer feedback and make sure your staff can all clearly see their career progression. You can also help remote staff members feel engaged by being very transparent with your plans for the business and any major changes on the horizon.

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