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There’s a reason that over 40,000 businesses trust Servcorp.

“While I faced many difficulties training part-time workers who tended not to stick around very long, with Servcorp’s secretaries I had complete confidence from day one that they could take care of the office work I required.”
Naoko Iwata
Ahora Works Corporation
Shinjuku Oak City
Virtual Office client
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Naoko Iwata Ahora Works Corporation CEO Virtual Office Client

“During the busy season I can have all of the calls handled by the Servcorp secretaries, so I can focus on my work which has already led to an increase in sales.”

Photography Photo Studio Call Handling
Dulche Benoit French F&B Japan Co., Ltd. Regional Sales Leader Coworking Space Client

“I always thought that a good coworking space was a great environment to focus on developing a business without investing too much in the first phase.”

Sales French Cuisine Import International Company
Mr. Yoshimura Takamasa
Takamasa Yoshimura OPTIS Japan K.K. CEO Serviced Office Client

“No matter what location you go to they are always kept in pristine condition and it’s easy to use and focus on your work.”

Software Consulting Automobile International Company
Hiroki Yasufuku Marketo K.K. Account Executive Serviced Office Client

“An office is not all about location and rent. Productivity from employees and customer satisfaction are invaluable by-products if you get your choice right.”

Marketing Sales Software International Company
Kayoko Iwashita SANPOFOODS Co. Ltd. Sales Manager Serviced Office Client

“They’re incredibly professional in everything they do and they really connect with their clients. [. . .] We can tell that they truly care about us and our business and treat us as though we are all on the same team.”

Sales Food Market Expansion
Nobuhide Suzuki Society for Communication Skill Development Representative Director Virtual Office Client

“Working at Disney I learned that ‘good work starts with a top-quality office.’ Servcorp makes this a reality.”

HR Training Consulting