Client Voices

There’s a reason that over 50,000 businesses trust Servcorp.


“Everyone you meet at Servcorp is a potential client.”
Servcorp Australia
Coworking client

Ririo Bato Coworking Space Client

"I love the relaxing presence of both the users and staff, as well as the interior design. There are no distractions and I can concentrate on my work quite well.”

Entrepreneurship Skincare Beauty
Ayako Murakami Serviced Office Client

“The atmosphere of Servcorp was the perfect fit for me. It was an obvious choice seeing the difference in the hospitality of the staff, the office interior and security.”

Health Entrepreneurship Beauty
Tadao Mitani Virtual Office Client

“It’s such a relief that we can hand over our work to them and entrust that they will get the job done.”

SME Sales
Mitsuharu Nishina Serviced Office Client

“I think Servcorp has helped improve our company’s image and I can confidently say that this is an office I am proud of.”

Apparel International Company Business Management
Natsuhiro Kato Virtual Office Client

“Currently, the Servcorp secretaries answer all my phone calls. My company would not be able to operate without Servcorp.”

Entertainment Public Relations Marketing
Takashi Kondo Virtual Office Client

"Servcorp's advantage is that all of their secretaries are bilingual. When we sent out press releases to the world, they helped us by translating them into English.”

Entrepreneurship Beauty Medical
Keiji Amitani Serviced Office Client

“Considering the flexibility of the Servcorp staff, their superior customer service, and the variety of services they provide, I believe they are a great fit for individual business owners and smaller companies looking to grow.”

Tech Manufacturing Market Expansion
Naoko Iwata Virtual Office Client

“During the busy season I can have all of the calls handled by the Servcorp secretaries, so I can focus on my work which has already led to an increase in sales.”

Photography Photo Studio Call Handling
Mr. Yoshimura Takamasa
Takamasa Yoshimura Serviced Office Client

“No matter what location you go to they are always kept in pristine condition and it’s easy to use and focus on your work.”

Software Consulting Automobile International Company
Hiroki Yasufuku Serviced Office Client

“An office is not all about location and rent. Productivity from employees and customer satisfaction are invaluable by-products if you get your choice right.”

Marketing Sales Software International Company
Kayoko Iwashita Serviced Office Client

“They’re incredibly professional in everything they do and they really connect with their clients. [. . .] We can tell that they truly care about us and our business and treat us as though we are all on the same team.”

Sales Food Market Expansion
Nobuhide Suzuki Virtual Office Client

“Working at Disney I learned that ‘good work starts with a top-quality office.’ Servcorp makes this a reality.”

HR Training Consulting
Zoe Ward Serviced Office Client

“When I need to impress not only clients - but also the seller’s agents as well, they look at the address and see that it’s a nice address and a nice building, which in Japan is very important’”

Real Estate blog
Shota Kanemaru & Andre Starell Serviced Office Client

“The thing that struck me was the welcome that you get. As soon as you step out of the elevator, you have this really open space and nice reception - with fantastic staff I might add as well. They do an amazing job.”

Atsushi Taguchi Serviced Office Client

“Servcorp provides great value and a lot of advantages for fast-paced companies which want to concentrate on their core business.”

Software Technology
Brian Birtles Serviced Office Client

“The location, the fact that we don’t have to do office management, the global billing, and just the convenience and comfort. We can concentrate on our core business without worrying about anything else.”

IT Engineering International Company
Misako Hoshi Coworking Space Client

“I found my ideal office 10 years ago at Servcorp Sunshine 60, Ikebukuro. I was born and raised in this area of Tokyo, so it was an easy choice…”

HR Consulting
Yoshinobu Hatake Coworking Space Client

“Servcorp offers the essentials - a high-quality interior coupled with comfortability. By utilizing Servcorp as an environment to do business, I gain the trust I need from my clients.”

Kiyohisa Konishi Serviced Office Client

“The attractiveness is clear – with a Virtual Office you can have everything you need to run a small business effectively. Once space becomes an issue, you can transition to a Serviced Office.”

Construction Manufacturing
Kei Sakaguchi Serviced Office Client

“It was wonderful that I had a complete package to operate as an office from Day 1, such as telephone, internet, secretarial services, and other facilities necessary to work.”

Consulting International Company