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Tokyo is a major economic hub, drawing in businesses from around the world, and Servcorp's serviced offices in Tokyo provide your business with a smart and scalable solution to a company presence in this massive business area. Choose from any of our premium Tokyo locations below, or click here to learn more about the range of services your business can benefit from with a Servcorp Serviced Office.

Servcorp Office Locations in Tokyo

Major business districts & Servcorp Locations in Tokyo

Marunouchi / Otemachi / Yurakucho

There is no doubt that this area, home to a large number of major companies, is one of Japan’s most defining business districts. Due to its status, location, and brand power, the rent in this area remains some of the highest in the country, despite recent renovations that have led to an increased supply in office space. Recently, particularly around Naka-Dori, there has been an increase of brand stores opening in the area making it a prominent commercial district as well.
In the center lies Tokyo Station which acts as the main entrance to Tokyo and offers excellent access to anywhere in Japan. Otemachi Station has access to 5 subway lines and direct access to Tokyo Station and Yurakucho Station via underground connections.
Servcorp offers 2 locations in the Marunouchi area:Marunouchi Nijubashi Building and Yusen Building, and also has a location in Tokyo Sankei Building in Otemachi.

Yaesu / Nihonbashi

The area around the Nihonbashi and Yaesu Exit side of Tokyo Station, which has long been a commercial area, are popular business districts with a rich history and tradition. There was a feeling that redevelopment had been falling behind compared to the neighboring Marunouchi and Otemachi areas, but development has been accelerating in recent years and more large-scale projects are in the works.
Yaesu is defined by the companies of various industries, large and small that have flocked to the area, and Nihonbashi has traditionally held a concentration of companies in the financial and pharmaceutical industries. This area also offers great access to Tokyo Station and boasts some of the most convenient transportation options in the city.
Servcorp has 2 locations in this area:Marunouchi Trust Tower - Main is just outside of Tokyo Station’s Nihonbashi Exit and Yaesu North Exit, and the Wakamatsu Building location is in “The City of Medicine” - Nihonbashi-honcho

Shimbashi / Hibiya / Toranomon / Kasumigaseki

This area, which contains the government district of Kasumigaseki, is also one of the largest business districts in Tokyo, with many companies having offices in the area. Hibiya and Toranomon, which are close to this area, and Shimbashi (famous for being a town for ‘suits’), are home to a variety of large and small businesses and are especially popular among the consulting, auditing, and legal affairs industries. The large-scale redevelopment taking place in the area for the Tokyo Olympics has made this a vibrant area attracting attention from all around Tokyo. Furthermore, Hibiya Park, known as Japan's first ‘modern’ park, spreads throughout this area and offers a reprieve from the surrounding concrete jungle.
Servcorp’s Hibiya Central Building location is conveniently located near Kasumigaseki and Shimbashi.

Shinagawa / Osaki

Shinagawa has long been a key point of transportation. In addition to the five conventional lines, this area also boasts incredible access to the Shinkansen and Haneda Airport. This has led many companies which have expanded nationally to base their headquarters in this area, and Japanese subsidiaries of foreign companies to setup their bases here. Furthermore, with the projected opening of the Linear Chuo Shinkansen in 2027, transportation convenience is only expected to increase.
As the result of several redevelopment projects in Osaki, this area has also been transformed into a major business district with high-rise buildings. In addition to the Yamanote Line, the Shonan Shinjuku Line and Rinkai Line also run through this area, providing amazing access to the bay area and suburbs as well.
Servcorp has one of its largest locations in Shinagawa Intercity Tower A a landmark building just outside of Shinagawa Station’s Konan Exit.

Hamamatsucho / Tamachi

Hamamatsucho is the starting point for the Tokyo Monorail with direct access to Haneda Airport, and with JR Lines and Toei Subway lines, it is an office district that boasts amazing convenience. This area has gained a lot of popularity due to its affordable rent compared to the nearby Shinagawa and Shinbashi areas. A large-scale redevelopment project is planned for the near future, and it includes the rebuilding of the World Trade Center Building which is a symbol of this area. With the opening of a new JR Station in 2020, the Tamachi area, especially around the station, is expected to have fresh life breathed back into it. Both areas have great access to Haneda Airport and the Gulf area, making them particularly popular among wholesale and trading companies.
Servcorp’s Shiodome Shibarikyu Building location is just outside Hamamatsucho Station.

Roppongi / Kamiyacho

Since the completion of Roppongi Hills, Roppongi has strengthened its reputation as a business district. In particular, a number of foreign-affiliated IT companies, financial, and venture companies, have moved into the area in recent years. Moving forward, large-scale redevelopment is planned, and the image of the downtown area is expected to change even more. Because the Kamiyacho area is close to the government area of Kasumigaseki, it is very popular in the telecommunications and legal sectors, and because there are many embassies and consulates from many countries, a lot of foreign-affiliated companies have bases in this area as well.
Servcorp’s Tri-Seven Roppongi location is just across the street from Tokyo Midtown, and the Kamiyacho location is in one of the area’s landmark buildings, Shiroyama Trust Tower.

Shibuya / Ebisu / Omotesando

Shibuya and Ebisu are some of the city's most popular shopping areas, but they are also known for the major Japanese IT companies and ventures that are concentrated in this district. Shibuya continues to be under supplied for office space, but a number of large-scale redevelopments are underway and an increase in the number of office buildings is expected in the near future. Ebisu is also highly popular with IT companies, with a concentration of leading IT ventures and startups around the station and within Ebisu Garden Place.
Omotesando is a retail area with a large number of high-end brands, but it is also a business area with large and small office buildings centered around Aoyama Dori. In particular, demand from apparel-related, design, and foreign-affiliated companies is increasing in this area.
Servcorp boasts locations in Ebisu Garden Place and Aoyama Palacio Tower which has direct access to Omotesando Station.


Shinjuku is one of the largest business districts in Japan where all kinds of industries gather. Shinjuku Station, which boasts the world's largest number of commuters, is a huge terminal station with more than 10 lines, making it one of the best in the city for its accessibility and convenience. In addition, Japan's largest bus terminal "Bus-sta Shinjuku" was recently completed. The center of the office district is Nishi-Shinjuku, which is made up of skyscrapers, and a number of leading Japanese companies have their headquarters here. Industry types that are often found in this area include insurance, human resources and software development.
Servcorp has two locations in this area: the Shinjuku Nomura Building, a skyscraper famous in Shinjuku, and Nishi-Shinjuku’s newest landmark Nitochi Nishi-Shinjuku Building which is a two-building complex including Shinjuku Oak City


Ikebukuro is counted as one of the three major sub-centers of the Yamanote Line along with Shinjuku and Shibuya. Ikebukuro Station, which is the “north gateway”, is a huge terminal station with 8 routes and the world's third largest number of commuters. The impressive accessibility to Saitama and northern Kanto areas makes it an area with high office demand, especially for branch or sales offices, as well as for a base for companies entering the Tokyo market. Additionally, Ikebukuro is one of Japan's leading business districts, with department stores such as Seibu Department Store, Tobu Department Store, Parco, BIC Camera, numerous other large stores, and a large number of restaurants. There are also many theaters, universities and other educational facilities, and many historical buildings, making it a thriving city of culture and art.
Servcorp has a location in Ikebukuro's landmark skyscraper Sunshine 60.

Toyosu / Ariake

Ariake is one of the main venues of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and is one of the fastest developing areas in Tokyo this decade. Tokyo Big Site, Japan's largest international exhibition hall, is also located here, and there is a major push to promote the area as a base for international tourism..
The focus of developing and relocating the central fishmarket has been marked by significant development of an office district in recent years. Traffic access, which is a common issue in the area, is also expected to be improved through the opening of Loop 2 as well as the BRT.
Servcorp is located in Ariake Frontier Building Tower B, directly opposite Tokyo Big Sight.

Idabashi / Suidobashi / Ichigaya

The Idabashi, Suidobashi, and Ichigaya areas have long been known as areas where many printing and publishing related companies are concentrated. In addition, there are many schools and universities in the district. However, various industries such as IT and telecommunications have been making inroads as large buildings have been opening through recent redevelopment.
There is great access to the suburbs as well as within Tokyo, and the convenience of transportation is one of the great attractions of this area.

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One of the largest metropolis in the world - Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is one of the largest cities in the world with a population of approximately 14 million.

The so-called 'capital area' which includes the neighboring prefectures has a population of around 38 million, forming a huge economic zone far exceeding other major cities around the world such as New York and London.

Business accumulation is also occurring, and about half of large domestic companies with capital of 1 billion yen or more are located in Tokyo. Similarly, about 75% of foreign-affiliated companies have their headquarters in Tokyo.

In addition, there are universities and research institutes, making it a treasure trove of advanced human resources. When considering various factors such as market size, human capital and business opportunities, Tokyo is usually the first choice for starting business in Japan.

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