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The world's finest fully-furnished, IT-equipped office suites in prime corporate locations.

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Serviced OfficesThe world's finest fully furnished and IT equipped offices that are available on a monthly basis.

With us, you'll always find a solution for your business needs.

Why Serviced Offices?

  • One quarter the running cost of a traditional office space that you rent on your own.
  • Our multinational IT infrastructure is available to you. Only at Servcorp.
  • Our team is your team. They take care of your tedious administrative tasks.

What you get?

An Address makes a statement

  • Prestigious address in the central business district
  • Above or near the major train stations
  • Fully furnished private office
  • Ability to register your company
  • Complimentary coffee & tea in the kitchen area

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What clients like about Servcorp

Deciding on a serviced office is a wise choice. It can save you money and time so you can concentrate on running the core of your business, without compromising on quality or on the location of your office.

Our clients appreciate mostly:

  • ・Flexible terms
  • ・Premium office locations and 5 star non-branded fit-out
  • ・Professional bilingual secretarial and IT Support
  • ・True value for money

Location, location, location - this is the most important factor of choice with any real estate decision. For Servcorp clients too: a prestigious office location which earns the trust of their clients is one of the biggest reasons why they chose a Servcorp office. To succeed in business, one cannot compromise on location or on the quality of the office fit-out to save costs. Premium fit-outs, breathtaking views, quality furniture, state-of-the-art equipment and lightning fast secure Internet access. Being able to rent such an office fully furnished and equipped with flexible conditions and a deposit of only 1 month, is why many customers have made a Servcorp decision.

In any business, one of most important resources is the human resource. Servcorp Clients feel that being able to outsource tedious administration work or complex tasks to the Servcorp Team is another one of the big merits of a Servcorp office; a professional in-house support team to take care of your daily mail, courier, answering phone calls, admin and IT support. Having that professional and well trained staff for a reasonable cost made our clients feel that they were getting the most for their money, without the hassle of hiring and training.

Take advantage of the Servcorp network of 150 locations in 22 countries and access an office for free 5 days per month when you are travelling for business gives you that additional competitive edge!

What our clients think, Servcorp Serviced Offices

One of the major reasons we chose Servcorp is due to the locations. Servcorp offers offices that have great accessibility to major transportations in the cities where our clients are located. Since minimizing the travelling time is crucial, the convenient location is very helpful to our business. The second reason is the reliability of Servcorp staff. I count on the reception staff for answering phone calls and welcoming our clients, and they all are really credible. I think of Servcorp staff as teammates, and their presence and our communication truly empower each other. In my opinion, such an environment is valuable for an effective work space.

Mr. Ojiro
Bumi Resources Japan

Serviced Offices Rating:5.0

We chose Servcorp Marunouchi because it gave us three big advantages in Japan. First, we get absolutely the most reputable location in Japan. Not every business can be based in Marunouchi but thanks to Servcorp, we can enjoy that advantage. I don't look at our Marunouchi office as just a place to work. I look at it as marketing, as business development, as forging a solid image of who we are and what our values are. As such, I believe the pricing structure is actually reasonable considering the upside. Secondly, Servcorp provides the fastest platform to kickstart. Their team provides us with professional services on-demand whenever we need them, so we can focus on growing our core business. Third, we have access to an incredibly smart talent pool in Marunouchi. I believe people are the biggest asset in any business alike, and being in Marunouchi gives us the unfair advantage to build a rock star team so that we can serve our customers better and outperform our competitors. If you are a serious business looking for a solid platform to start in Japan, Servcorp Marunouchi is a hard one to beat.

Mr.Jin Takahito Koh
Splashtop Inc.

Serviced Offices Rating:5.0

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