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The use of rental offices has evolved over the years. Businesses in large cities like Tokyo or Osaka are increasingly looking to expand regionally to begin new projects, and much more.

Otsuka Electronics Co., Ltd. , a manufacturing company which specializes in scientific, medical and industrial equipment, is currently developing its regional Tokai Office at Servcorp’s Nagoya Nikko Shoken Building location. Mr. Keiji Amitani, Director of the Tokai Office Sales Group, recounts his experience so far developing a regional sales office at one of Servcorp’s locations in Nagoya.

“Not only the phone but all of the electrical equipment is in place and even with just one person you can immediately start working. It makes such a big difference.”

Mr. Keiji Amitani
Nagoya Nikko Shoken Building
Serviced Office client

Developing regional sales offices for the Kyushu and Tokai areas with a Servcorp Serviced Office…

First, please tell us a little about your business...

Otsuka Elecronics, like Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Taiho Pharmaceutical, is a member of the Otsuka Group. Our company specializes in manufacturing diagnostic and inspection equipment which use our original optical technology. The Sales Group introduces our analytical instruments which can measure film thickness, color tint, light intensity, etc. to a diverse group of clients (including hospitals / inspection agencies, pharmaceutical, automobile, food, and cosmetics companies) looking to manufacture products and test product quality. On top of that, we also provide technical support to solve any problems our customers may experience.

Please tell us about your daily responsibilities.

Other than my responsibilities as the Director of the Tokai Office I also do sales and office work. There are several divisions within our company, and my division is responsible for selling to major equipment manufacturers. We promote our products to major automobile manufacturers, electrical engineering companies, and other private enterprises in the Tokai area.

When did you open your Tokai Office at Servcorp?

We opened our Tokai Office about 3 years ago in 2015. At the time I was working at our Kyushu Office. The Kyushu Office was also located out of a Servcorp Serviced Office, so I had some prior experience with Servcorp, and I was actually involved in the office selection. When it came to choosing an office, our management department conducted a panel survey which narrowed it down to 2 candidates including Servcorp. In the end we decided to go with Servcorp, because it was the only one to clear both our price and location requirements.

One of the great advantages to Servcorp is that you can start working the day you move in. Not only the phone but all of the electrical equipment is in place and even with just one person you can immediately start working. It makes such a big difference.

"Whenever we have a lot of people come to visit we usually end up at a nearby café, but if we use Servcorp’s coworking space instead that is quite a game changer.”

The Servcorp Difference: Great location and facilities! Personalized call handling!

What benefits have you noticed using a Servcorp Serviced Office?

First of all the location is superb. When it comes to sales, speed is everything, and since Servorp has floors with great access and which are close to our customers it gives us quite the advantage. Before we started using Servcorp we would take care of all our Tokai area clients from our main offices in Osaka and Tokyo. However, this meant that we were pretty far from our customers in this area and couldn’t quickly handle their requests. By opening the Tokai Office we were able to mitigate those issues.

Secondly, I have to mention the receptionists and the package handling service they provide. The Servcorp staff will work on behalf of your company, and whenever we have a customer visit us for a product demonstration the Servcorp staff always greets and handles our customers with the upmost respect and care. It makes a huge difference. Also, we send and receive a lot of packages in our line of work, so being able to have the Servcorp staff handle all of that is an immense help.

Nagoya Nikko Shoken Building will be opening a new coworking space soon, how do you intend to use it?

Currently we mostly use our office for doing paperwork, however, we do have a space where we sometimes bring in one of our products and have potential customers come in for a demonstration. Considering it’s only a small area of our office and we sometimes even have specialists come down from Tokyo to help demonstrate, the space can get pretty cramped.

Whenever we have a lot of people come to visit we usually end up at a nearby café, but if we use Servcorp’s coworking space instead that is a game changer.

What kind of business would you recommend use Servcorp?

They are perfect for businesses like ours which want to quickly set up a local office in a new area. Considering the flexibility of the Servcorp staff, their superior customer service, and the variety of services they provide, I believe they are also a great fit for individual business owners and smaller companies looking to grow.


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