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Level 2, NMF Hakata Ekimae Building 1-15-20 Hakata-Ekimae Hakata-ku
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Coworking at NMF Hakata Ekimae Building

Hakata is a very popular business location in Fukuoka for its extremely quick and easy access to and from other cities in Japan as well as overseas countries. Hakata Station is a Shinkansen bullet train stop as well as a stop for multiple local train and subway lines. Hakata has by far the fastest domestic and international airport access in Japan with only a 5 minute commute. NMF Hakata Ekimae Building is therefore truly located in Kyushu's best business address.

The building's basement floor has several restaurants which clients can easily access without stepping outside. Fukuoka is famous for its excellent local cuisine and there are extensive restaurant options and various hotels in the area, providing clients and visitors with an excellent environment to conduct their business. Hakata Station's recent renovation and construction of the bustling shopping mall “JR Hakata City”, Fukuoka continues to flourish with more people and business opportunities.


From Fukuoka Airport: 5 min by Fukuoka City Subway Airport Line to Hakata Station.


2 min walk from Hakata Exit of Hakata Station on JR Line and Fukuoka City Subway Airport Line. 5 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Hakata Station. 2.5 hours by Shinkansen to Hakata Station from Shin-Osaka Station


Hakata Bus Terminal (1 min walk) : City Route Buses, Express Buses bound for Honshu and other Kyushu cities available


10 min by bus from Port of Hakata Terminal

About the area

"Hakata is such a major part of central Fukuoka that it is often referred to as Fukuoka itself. Hakata is a very popular business location in Fukuoka for its extremely quick and easy access to and from other cities in Japan as well as countries overseas. This is because Hakata station has bullet-train service as well as multiple local train and subway lines. In addition, Fukuoka Airport is within a five minute commute from Fukuoka station making it by far the fastest domestic and international airport access in Japan. For those people on the go, NMF hakata Ekimae Building is located about a two minute walk from Hakata station, meaning a trip to anywhere in a world is just a few minutes away."

Within 5 minutes walking distance:

  • Starbucks
  • City hotels
  • Fukuoka Bank
  • Post office
  • Hankyu Department Store
  • Shopping Mall JR Hakata City

Hakata Station

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