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Hinamatsuri Muffin Run in Fukuoka

March 2016 | Servcorp


It is getting more cheerful and springlike little by little lately. This month, we did a cute muffin run with the theme “Hinamatsuri” which is an occasion to pray for young girls' growth and happiness.

In Fukuoka Tenjin Fukoku Seimei Building, in honor of the Doll Festival of March 3rd, we visited offices and handed out “Hina arare” which are special rice crackers colored in pastel colors. The fluffy things seen in the photos, is cotton candy and other assorted candies. We tried to make them look like paper lanterns! In the background, you can see “Ohinasama (princess)” and “Dairisama (prince)” with Japanese style Servcorp logos. Clients were overjoyed to receive treats with one client saying, "We expected last month's Valentine Day muffin run, but this was totally unexpected!”. It seems we were able to deliver a little bit of a different surprise than the last month! Since Hinamatsuri is a Girls' Festival, male clients may not be very aware of it- however we are sure that they all enjoyed it very much.