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September 2016 | Servcorp

Servcorp Cartier Shinsaibashi is located in the central part of Osaka and Shinsaibashi/ Namba area has a lots of evets throughout the year. Today, I would like to introduce some of the events that will be conducted in October.

1. Naniwa Riverside Yoruichi 2016 (7th/ 8th, Oct. 2016)
“2 days to meet the Taste of Naniwa” is the concept of this free event. There will be a lot of food booths from different type of restaurants besides local foods, Nepali, Thai, Rumanian, and more to enjoy! They will serve Dohtonbori local beer too! Not only food, but also on the special stage, there will be live performance as well as. Inflatable balloon playground equipment are prepared in the kid’s area, so the whole family could enjoy this event.

 Location:Minatomachi Riverside Place (Naniwa-ku, Osaka)
Subway Namba Station Exit 26-B
 Phone:+81-6-6647-9734
 Event hours:7th: 5p.m. – 10p.m. & 8th: 1p.m. – 9p.m.
 Website:http://www.city.osaka.lg.jp/naniwa/page/0000373976.html

2. Tonbori Wasshoi 10th Anniversary – Art festival (15th/ 16th, Oct. 2016)
Tonbori Wasshoi is an art and craft event to spread the culture from Osaka to Nation and worldwide. Live paints and performance, food/beverage booths are also there to enjoy. More than 100 art in craft booths will be there to heat up the event. This year’s theme is “Chanllenge.”

 Location:Dohtonbori Riverwalk (Chuo-ku, Osaka)
 Event hours:15th/ 16th, Oct. 2016 11a.m. – 6p.m.
 Phone number:+81-90-1133-2381
 Website:http://www.tonboriwassyoi.info/

In walking distance of Servcorp Cartier Shinsaibashi, there is Dohtonbori where is a famous area for tourists, there’s a lot of events going on every month for the whole family to enjoy. Why don’t you come visit Shinsaibashi next month for the weekend to take a look!

Shinsaibashi Cartier Building
Level 4 Shinsaibashi Plaza Building Shinkan
3-12-21 Minami-Senba Chuo-ku
Osaka 542-0081 Japan
+81 6 6258 3700