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Otemachi - From Historical to the Most Modern Business District

June 2016 | Servcorp

Otemachi, people may still have images of the area that covered by full of old buildings, and domestic boring business district. However, these years, it has been drastically changing. The buildings of the headquarters for large Japanese corporations have been reconstructed, and multinational companies from overseas started locating their Tokyo branches here.
We would like to take you to a little tour of Otemachi.

The history of Otemachi:
Otemachi is an historical prestigious district, which derives its name of Ōtemon ("Great Hand Gate") of Edo Castle. During the Edo period, various daimyo constructed their lavish residences outside the castle until the end of the Tokugawa shogunate and the start of the Meiji period in the 1860s. The various daimyo families lost their lots as the district was possessed by the government, who constructed various governmental offices such as Ministry of Interior, Finance and Education. Otemachi used to be government district for a period of time. In 1952, the government decided to move decentralized government offices to Kasumigaseki and sell the district into private hands in order to gain revenue. Afterwards, lots of new buildings were built one after another in the period of high economic growth (1970’s -1980’s) and Otemachi district was dynamically changed as today’s central business district. Nothing remains of its residential past, the district is dotted with modern high-rise buildings which is continued from Marunouchi district.

Otemachi Redevelopment Project
After 2000’s, high-rise buildings which were built in the period of high economic growth (1970’s -1980’s) are increasingly aging recently. Therefore, the project of rebuilding skyscraper has been promoting. “The Chain Urban Renaissance Project in Otemachi” – is in progress in order to rebuild Otemachi as a strategic site for global business by rebuilding aged buildings sequentially without suspending present business activities.

The project has 3 phases, and currently the 3rd phase is almost completed

Otemachi redevelopment project. -Tokyo Sankei Building-
Tokyo Sankei Building: which Servcorp is located in 27th floor, is a pioneer location of this Otemachi redevelopment project.
It was redesigned in 2002 which is earlier than others and is located in the center of the Otemachi district. The excellence feature is it great accuses! The building is directly connected form Otemachi station, where 5 lines operated by Toei subway and Tokyo Metro serve and is also within walking distance of Tokyo station. If you take the subway (Marunouchi line), it takes just 2 minutes!

Other feature is high earthquake resistant office building. Tokyo Sankei building is built exceeding 1.5 times of standard for earthquake resistant design after 1981 in Japan, its structure will be able to reduce shaking even if intensity 5, very strong earthquake, hits.
Additionally, trendy and seasonal event is often held in the area in front of the building, These event makes workers fun every time and lots of people visit from other buildings as well. Tokyo Sankei building is popular not only business but also entertainment!

New trend area in Otemachi vol.1 - Otemachi Tower:
We will introduce you some of trend building and area in Otemachi in the series of blogs.

1st one is the Otemachi tower which is the headquarters of the Mizuho bank. Completed the
reconstruction in 2014 April, the complex also hosts the Shops and restaurant at OOTEMRI, and the world luxurious resort hotel Aman Tokyo on their top 6 floors. After completion the reconstruction, the Otemachi’s transportation underground streets were changed a lot. The underground streets that reach to the ground exit were mostly narrow and old in the past years. However now, those streets are directly connected to the OOTEMORI shopping and restaurant area that designed in the wellhole style with the modern interior which you can feel you are in the prestigious business area. In the outside of the building, there is a small urban forest. It was built for the solution of heat island phenomenon, though, the forest was designed to be very nature. It was transplanted the forest from Chiba prefecture. The forest was considered the original ecosystem. When you visit this forest, you can feel like you may run into the Peter rabbit. This is the new relaxing sanctuary for business men working around Otemachi. There is the café by Aman that operated by the Aman Tokyo. You can enjoy and experience the finest food in the central business district but also in the middle of the somewhere nice forest resort. If you take your client to have a powerful business lunch here, you can impress your clients and it will be easy to close the deal. In the 33th floor, the world luxury resort hotel AMAN Tokyo lobby is there. You can enjoy the great view of imperial palace and Shinjuku cities and have excellent experience by the top class of hospitality.

Otemachi has been only known as a business and historical area of Tokyo, but now it has changed to the area that you can feel the world-class trend.

Why don’t you have an office in this center of reborn prestigious business district at
The world’s finest serviced office in Otemachi Tokyo Sankei Building Leve 27th

Otemachi Sankei Building
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