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Cisco Systems

Servcorp has uniquely enhanced the Unified Communications system we provide by developing their own highly impressive applications to enable simplified provisioning and management of multi-tenant office services. The services Servcorp delivers through the combination of world class products from Cisco Systems and their own comprehensive tools such as the Servcorp Online suite of products will change the way we view managed workspace. Their products are unique in the marketplace.

- Owen Chan
President of Cisco Systems, Asia Pacific


Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP

I read about Servcorp from my internet searches and also from a good friend who works at Adobe. I was impressed by the professionalism and business appearance of the staff and offices. When my firm thought about opening an office in Tokyo, we used Servcorp because it offered us the ability to do so by first having a “virtual office”. We were quite happy with the “virtual office” set-up and the following year we decided to lease a small office at Servcorp.

We are most satisfied with the helpfulness of the staff and the ability to use conference rooms and other services only when needed. Servcorp has enabled us to keep our “overhead” to a minimum while enabling us to have extra business services available. When I need documents from my office for important meetings, the secretary was always able to deliver them to where ever I was so I would have more time to prepare for my meetings. The Servcorp secretaries and staffs are very professional and always ready to help. We are appreciative of having extra space available when we need to meet with our clients in Tokyo. Because the set-ups of the offices are so similar to what we have in our home office in New York, it has been very easy for us to facilitate meetings with our clients.

A Company can do no better than to use Servcorp for its initial entry into leasing business space in Japan.


MHE Technologies(Aus)Limited

Servcorp provides a professional set up with very friendly and helpful staff. The multi-location access and virtual office feature were the decision makers that lead us to choose Servcorp.

I am satisfied with the always friendly and helpful staff - nothing is too difficult. The facilities and the infrastructure are excellent.

With secretarial assistance, multi-location access, and assistance with translations, virtual offices are the most beneficial service for our company.

Maintaining communication with the customers overseas in their own language and being able to find new potential business opportunities are all reflections of Servcorp services. The multi-location access and the virtual office feature provide an excellent and cost effective infrastructure for overseas business development and customer service. The reliable and always friendly staff gives me a great peace of mind.

- Egon Vetter
Executive Chairman & CEO, MHE Technologies(Aus)Limited


Splashtop Inc.

We chose Servcorp Marunouchi because it gave us three big advantages in Japan. First, we get absolutely the most reputable location in Japan. Not every business can be based in Marunouchi but thanks to Servcorp, we can enjoy that advantage. I don't look at our Marunouchi office as just a place to work. I look at it as marketing, as business development, as forging a solid image of who we are and what our values are. As such, I believe the pricing structure is actually reasonable considering the upside. Secondly, Servcorp provides the fastest platform to kickstart. Their team provides us with professional services on-demand whenever we need them, so we can focus on growing our core business. Third, we have access to an incredibly smart talent pool in Marunouchi. I believe people are the biggest asset in any business alike, and being in Marunouchi gives us the unfair advantage to build a rock star team so that we can serve our customers better and outperform our competitors. If you are a serious business looking for a solid platform to start in Japan, Servcorp Marunouchi is a hard one to beat.

- Jin Takahito Koh
Vice President, Splashtop Inc.


Promise Point Co., Ltd.

I consider Servcorp Marunouchi to be an important business partner and part of Promise Point's success in Japan. Servcorp supports us with exactly what we need when we need it as our business evolves and grows. The professionalism of the staff and services are unmatched. While we take advantage of Servcorp's network of premium offices in Japan and around the world, our home base at Marunouchi Trust Tower affords us a tier-one prestigious location, with a bright and opulent environment that never fails to impress our clients while providing us with an outstanding work space.

- Steven Bleistein
CEO,Promise Point Co., Ltd.


Aconex Japan

It's been a while since our company has joined Servcorp, and we have observed that the Servcorp team has always supported our business proactively and consistently. We can clearly see that they're putting all their effort to provide us the best quality service.

We're very satisfied with the friendly team and we look forward to continue working with them. Once again, thank you Servcorp!

- Mikiya Watanabe
Japan Manager, Aconex Japan


New Zealand Japan Corporation

We are pleased to recommend Servcorp as they provide friendly service at the most competitive prices in Japan.

- New Zealand Japan Corporation


Minnetonka Moccasin

Searching for office space in Tokyo can be very challenging. Servcorp has offered the perfect solution for our needs. Servcorp's bilingually staffed offices are conveniently located in major areas of commerce and offer an array of cost effective solutions.

I recommend Servcorp to not only start-ups entering Japan but to any organization looking for cost effective office space.

- Brad Johnson
Minnetonka Moccasin


Infotech Enterprises Japan KK

We are operating out of Servcorp's Palacio serviced office since our inception in Japan. We congratulate Servcorp management and staff for their high standard services during the past few years. We are certainly impressed with the professionalism of Palacio staff and their ability to seamlessly support us in necessary front office activity. Be it efficiently routing of our customer calls and mails, Servcorp staff has always demonstrated flexibility to support us on our on-demand requests. This helps us to remain focused on our core business, which is a prime attribute for us to consider Servcorp Palacio as our first choice.

- Ravi Murty
General Manager - Technical and Representative, Infotech Enterprises Japan KK


APAC & Japan

I have been very impressed with the staff, and would recommend Servcorp without hesitation to others. The staff is professional, helpful, and reliable. They present well to both Japanese and western audiences, and I am very comfortable with their ability to properly interface with our customers and suppliers in either English or Japanese. We have relied on them for various tasks above and beyond the normal telephone and reception duties, including sourcing emergency print jobs, setting meetings with customers, and attempting to locate a non-responsive delinquent customer. All were handled with professionalism, courtesy and in a timely fashion.

We plan to continue utilizing the virtual office facilities at Servcorp Palacio, and as we are ready to acquire dedicated office space, the facility will rank highly on our list of options, with the staff representing the core selection criteria.

- Finney Gilbert
Managing Director, APAC & Japan


Bumi Resources Japan

One of the major reasons we chose Servcorp is due to the locations. Servcorp offers offices that have great accessibility to major transportations in the cities where our clients are located. Since minimizing the travelling time is crucial, the convenient location is very helpful to our business. The second reason is the reliability of Servcorp staff. I count on the reception staff for answering phone calls and welcoming our clients, and they all are really credible. I think of Servcorp staff as teammates, and their presence and our communication truly empower each other. In my opinion, such an environment is valuable for an effective work space.

- Mr. Ojiro
Bumi Resources Japan



Servcorp's telephone service is very useful, and it definitely adds value to our company image. While other staff and I are out most of the time during business hours, having a great receptionist to answer phone calls makes the company look professional. I also find the business lounge and meeting rooms attractive. Servcorp truly offers effective business solutions both internally and externally.

- Keigo Nakamura


Stericycle Japan Co., Ltd.

We truly appreciate Servcorp's services. Moreover, we are always being encouraged by the smiles of your staff.

- Hiroaki Komatsu
President, Stericycle Japan Co., Ltd.


Brewer Science Japan, G.K.

As a US-based company setting up our office in Japan, Servcorp served as an excellent platform to launch and grow our business. I expected a professional and courteous staff, but I was pleasantly surprised by the commitment and enthusiasm of the dedicated personal assistant who provided outstanding service and support. The Shinagawa Intercity A Tower is an ideal office location. A five-minute walk to Shinagawa station provides access to major rail lines, including the Shinkansen high-speed rail, and direct access to Haneda and Narita airports, which is perfect for hosting local clients or international visitors from our global offices.

- Dominic Miranda
Brewer Science Japan, G.K.


Ubiquisys K.K.

Using Servcorp for our Tokyo office helped us not only to setup an office extremely quickly but also to flexibly accommodate unexpected growth in the size of our Tokyo team, which consequently helped us provide a high level of support to our Japanese customers. The back office staff are friendly and effective and help us cover roles we would not otherwise be able to cover in a cost-effective way. And, not a small thing... We always get compliments from our visitors on how nice our office is, which gives our relatively small operation more of a big company impact.

- Steve Shipley
President, Ubiquisys K.K.


EMC Quest KK

We are a new start-up in Tokyo and have found Servcorp's flexible services perfectly suited for our needs. Staff at all locations are very professional, friendly and supportive and using Servcorp has given us great credibility towards customers and other external parties.

- Trond Varlid
President and Representative Director, EMC Quest KK


Amiha International

Every time I arrive and leave the office, the team always greets me with a warm welcome/farewell, which makes a great environment.I often request the secretary to organise shipments and she arranges everything for me.Also, I find the hospitality of the staff towards my visitors extremely pleasant.

- Takashi Niikura
CEO, Amiha International


ANS Solves

Virtual Office makes things convenient and scalable for us. Excellent secretarial assistance and efficient online booking systems help us to maintain a good interface with our clients while enabling us to carry on our business smoothly.

- Amit Thakur
Representitive Director, ANS Solves


KK Kikaku Inc.

I'm very glad to have chosen Servcorp. There is a countless number of benefits I have been receiving from Servcorp. I am absolutely satisfied with the 5-star standard office environment, a prestigious address and especially with the professional secretarial services.

My personal assistant has been helping us so much with a wide range of tasks such as general accounting tasks, greeting our valued client, attending exhibitions, creating promotional materials and many more. This allows my staff and I to focus on our core business. My receptionist's professional phone handling and the way she welcomes my customers who visit the office give the best corporate image. I also enjoy occasional parties that Servcorp organizes, which is a great opportunity for networking.

Big thanks to Servcorp. Without Servcorp and its staff's support, my business would not have been growing as successfully as it has been. I look forward to keeping close rapport with Servcorp and continuing to receive Servcorp's top service and support.

- Yukio Sugiyama
CEO, KK Kikaku Inc.


Spectrum Consulting Japan

As a new company starting out based in Tokyo, Servcorp was a huge asset in offering the large infrastructure and network I needed to support my clients at reasonable prices. On top of that, the personalized service was ultimately the deciding factor to go with and currently to stay with as my business needs are growing. Servcorp can accommodate your business growth needs if you are an entrepreneur starting out on your own or a larger entity looking to cut costs in the interim. At the end of the day, Servcorp delivered what mattered most for my business needs. I have enjoyed working with all the staff one on one as well as taking advantage of their larger network capabilities both in Japan and abroad.

- Brad Corbet
Managing Director, Spectrum Consulting Japan



After more than a year in Ariake' Servcorp, we are quite satisfied with the responsiveness and dedication of their team. We needed flexibility as we are a start-up operation in Japan and Servcorp was the right choice against their competition.

Now we are expecting to grow our Japanese operation and use their services.

- Daiji Serra Hanaoka
Representative of Japan Office, TOTAL IMMERSION JAPAN


Antelope Audio Japan

In the competitive industry of serviced offices and virtual offices, there is only one company that "gets it right" for us - Servcorp.

While my company values the cost-effective suite of services and facilities available; and the professional setting and multi-locations they provide, for us in the pro-audio/entertainment industry, we value more its "staff". Front-desk and phone are, to any good company, its primary public-face to current and prospective clients. So for our company, this feature is the point-of-difference and to which the staff at Servcorp, particularly Ariake Office, excel in. We place a premium on people. Servcorp helps us maintain that standard.

- Michael J. Di Stasio
General Manager - Japan Operations, Antelope Audio Japan


PCB Japan K.K.

When we were in the incorporation process for Japanese direct branch office, the entire environment and its location were very important factors for a start-up business here in Japan. Budget for opening an office was limited; however, headquarters expected sales volume quickly. We were really aware of the importance of back office function so that we could concentrate daily sales activities without any overhead roles.

Servcorp was the best choice for us because they could solve those issues and provided us ultimate back office roles with effective and professional services. Office environment is elegant and IT infrastructure is also perfect as well. We are enjoying office life with Servcorp and appreciate their professional support every day.

- Bogey Takei
Managing Director, PCB Japan K.K.


LiGHT Hair Dryer

My father was the first man who brought hairdryers into the Japanese market successfully since 1949. However, either due to the economic bubble burst or not being able to adapt to the new age, my father's company had no choice but to close down. Having been working at my father's company to become his successor, I felt that I had no choice but to work for another company, but there was a part of me that just could not let go of the hair dryer business. I did not want to give up the business that my father had started, but given the current situation, I had no money. At such times, I had come to know the existence of Servcorp.

To start the business again, I wanted to focus my spending on developing the product and procurement rather than on office rent and hiring employees. Servcorp Virtual Office was recommended to me as a solution by Servcorp. The price was very reasonable and in addition, all the staff was proficient in English. This was another great help since we had overseas customers, which lead me to feel sorry that I was paying so little for such quality service. I have friends who use the same kind of service from other providers, but they always have complaints about the service. As for me, I have never felt any dissatisfaction with Servcorp.

Another reason I like Servcorp is because they offer different types of services that suit the client's needs. You can have an address without the physical space in Tokyo if you wish, or you can set up an actual office rather than a virtual office that comes with highly skilled secretaries. The Servcorp staff never says “no” to a request. They are always willing to do their best to fulfill a client's request, so I am highly satisfied with their support. Their diligent communication efforts are also very helpful. I trust them very much and often feel that they are my own employees.

Recently, I have had opportunities to give lectures for people who would like to become entrepreneurs, and I always mention Servcorp when I talk about how “lack of money is not an excuse for giving up a business.” It has been nearly 10 years since I have joined Servcorp, and I look forward to continue working with them.

- Yoshikazu Makino
Managing Director, LiGHT Hair Dryer


Intellectual Ventures

The facilities and staff at the Servcorp office in Ebisu have both exceeded my expectations. The offices and conference rooms are attractive and comfortable and they make it easy and pleasant for meeting customers. The staff are highly qualified; fluent in English, Japanese and several other languages; extremely helpful and totally professional. Finally, the location of the office is very convenient with easy access and an excellent selection of shops and restaurants nearby.

- Ira Blumberg
Intellectual Ventures


Ascencion K.K.

Ascencion is very pleased with the business relationship we have with Servcorp. We have found their service and staff to be very professional, dependable and friendly. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen is extremely important to our company and clients.

- Wayne Shaw
Ascencion K.K.



During January last year, we had a sudden work request that required us to find work space in the Yokohama area for a short period of time. We've known about Servcorp before, so we decided to contact them in search of a temporary office. We also contacted other office providers as well; however, in the end we decided to choose Servcorp due to their high understanding of our needs and their prompt actions. The staff's quality services and friendly smiles were the definitive factors which lead us to use their office. The spacious boardrooms and beautiful facilities allowed my staff and I to comfortably utilize the office. We were very pleased and satisfied during the 3 months we stayed in Servcorp.

- Yasuo Nagai
Vice President, K.K. SPARKNET


S.T Global Japan

Hi Everyone, it's time to say a big thank you to Servcorp for their wonderful services. Servcorp has added great value to my Company without delay since I registered with them. Their professional touch and services with kind staff is second to none.

They're highly skilled Bilingual speakers, English and Japanese languages, which every company needs to succeed in business. Regardless of your business target, Servcorp will assist you achieve that fit with little cost, such as reducing our overhead cost, etc.

I therefore, recommend Servcorp to any company or organization that are willing to avoid an economic melt down, while maintaining an efficient, active and profitable entity. Please contact Servcorp today and you will testify in few months. Once again thank you Servcorp for everything.
Best Regards,

- Justin Okafor
CEO, S.T Global Japan


Moldex Japan K.K

Since I moved into Servcorp Edobori Centre Building, the Servcorp team has continuously supported my work very accurately and quickly; it has been always more than what I have expected.
Although I am working alone at the Japanese branch, the Servcorp staff has been a great help when I am away from the office. Moreover, I didn't really need to train them, which let me focus on my core business.

Such enthusiasm, high level of commitment and great office environment is second to none. Not only me, but my customers are very satisfied with Servcorp's excellent service level as well. I am very satisfied with the service Servcorp provides, and that makes me remain with Servcorp."

- Makoto Kameda
Country and Sale Manager, Moldex Japan K.K


Tomographix IP Ltd.

Tomographix has been a client of Servcorp at Edobori, Osaka, for a number of years.

From the very start, Servcorp staff have provided and continue to provide Tomographix with outstanding client support services.

Establishing a business presence overseas can be an expensive undertaking. Servcorp virtual offices, with their highly professional staff and excellent facilities provide a cost effective solution to any such project.

Servcorp staff's top level bilingual skills, in English along with their native Japanese, are an important asset to any overseas company engaging in business in Japan.

Based on our always postive experiences, I can recommend, without reservation, Servcorp to any company planning to establish a business presence in Japan.

- Audrius Stundzia, Ph.D.
Managing Director, Tomographix IP Ltd.


Citrix Systems Japan K.K.

Our company has used many of Servcorp's locations across the world over the years, and it has been 5 years since we first took an office at Servcorp Umeda Hilton Plaza West Office Tower.

During this time, we were able to grow our Osaka office easily by upgrading to larger offices as required.

For me, the best aspect about Servcorp is that the products and services they provide are specifically designed to make your business life easier. They take care of all the back-office tasks for you such as administration and facility management so I can concentrate on sales. I also find it a great advantage that you can use a complimentary Day Suite in other Servcorp cities as you travel. Thanks to this benefit, I can attend our sales managers' phone conference even on my business trips to Nagoya or Fukuoka, and if necessary, any of their 100 or so global locations!

- Hitoshi Naoyama
West Branch Manager, Citrix Systems Japan K.K.


Inasia K.K.

Customers in Japan demand a high level of service, so for start ups to compete, it is imperative for small companies to provide similar levels of communication with the customer. Otherwise customers start to doubt your brand. Servcorp instantly provided these back office services for us - in a matter of minutes after signing up, we had our own team answering and directing phone calls to the appropriate person both inside and outside the company - just like the larger organizations.

However, it wasn't just the high-tech "call center" service which attracted us to use Servcorp.....I liked the way Servcorp staff work quickly and independently -and offer their suggestions- in both English and Japanese. Without a doubt, working with the Servcorp staff saves our management team a lot of time so they can concentrate on generating revenue - and not get distracted with daily operations. The "call center" services worked so well that we set up a system for Servcorp staff to handle the administration of our RMA and ordering database - and it is working beautifully. All the data is stored in "the cloud" and available to any of our team, anywhere there is a computer.

Managing our cashflow, is another important area where Servcorp helps us --with monthly billing. Charges are done on a shared pay per use which means we can invest our investment funds in marketing to grow sales rather than having to use it for infrastructure.

Great hotels have their own "butler" services for guests to get the best our of their stay, and Servcorp provides our business with similar services so we can get the most for our marketing efforts. Servcorp provides a great service for helping small business grow in Japan.

- Doug Strable
President, Inasia K.K.


Japan Inbound Tourism/Emotional Marketing Consulting

"OneFone" was definitely one of the top reasons why I chose Servcorp. I found it quite beneficial especially to business entrepreneurs who travel worldwide such as myself. I always carry OneFone in a mobile PC which I bought only for OneFone use. The IT tools that Servcorp provides including OneFone, OneFax and Servcorp Online are very unique.

Another thing that got my attention is Global Virtual Office. Sequence phone/fax numbers at 2 locations were instantly issued and smoothly set up. Having access to 4 days of complimentary Day Office is also a great advantage. Furthermore, Servcorp has several locations such as Japan, Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, with whom I have business with, so it is very convenient.

I plan to utilise the meeting facilities more often and host regular meetings with promotion committees. I trust the high-end Boardroom will help create a powerful impression to governmental institutions.

- T. Kagawa
Japan Inbound Tourism/Emotional Marketing Consulting


Bodycote Japan K.K.

Servcorp was the best choice for us to start business in Japan since our headquarters is located in UK. All the process was very smooth because documentation was all prepared in English. Servcorp Nagoya Lucent Tower's interior design is excellent and made me feel like I was staying at a luxurious hotel. Also, I was impressed with Servcorp staff. They are all very professional.

- Julian Bashore
CEO, Bodycote Japan K.K.


AIB-Vinçotte International

We have been a client of Servcorp for nearly 7 years. Since moving into a Servcorp office, our business enviroment has extremely improved. The high level of commitment and positive attitude of secretaries make our guests impressed. We have never found a better one. This quality of service has maintained our commitment to remain with Servcorp.

I have no hesitation in recommending Servcorp to people who want to start their own business.

- Patrick De Valck
Product Manager Homologation, AIB-Vinçotte International


Insight Corporation Ltd.

We particularly selected Servcorp because of their professional services. The level of service promised was not only maintained but often exceeded our expectations. The staff was honest, reliable, proactive and well trained. There was no hesitation to chose Servcorp after I visited two other Virtual Office suppliers for comparison.

We have been provided the highest level services from not only our own location, Servcorp Nagoya Nikko Shoken Building, but also from other locations in the world. I think our business environment is one of most important aspects for our growth and success. All of us would like to visit several Servcorp locations. If you are working at home, it is difficult to obtain credibility from your clients. Now you can join Servcorp with very small investments.

- Noboru Kayahara
Principal, Insight Corporation Ltd.


International financial organization

If we have rented a traditional office, there would have been no one at the office to receive mails/parcels at reception since all the sales representatives in Fukuoka are out of the office during business hours, and this would have affected our business. The reason why our head office has chosen Servcorp is because it is convenient and reassuring to have a receptionist and secretary support our business.

When we first visited the office, the view of Fukuoka Central Park and Hakata Bay from the reception area was impressive. Also, with the staff's great attitude and warm welcome, we were pleased to move into their office. One of the most appealing points about Servcorp was being located at a central business district and having convenient access to transportation.

I used to work at home before I moved into Servcorp. At that time, I had piles of work related papers and materials all over my room. Since I set up an office at Servcorp, I was able to move all work materials to the office and clear up my room. Every Monday I have a phone conference with head office, and ever since I got an office, I feel like I can concentrate better and work more efficiently. I also used to arrange meetings with my clients from my cell phone while I was on the go, but now, I can easily make appointments from the phone in my office. Communication has also improved because it is easier to meet with the rest of the workers.

With a receptionist and secretary, I do not have to worry when I go out of the office. Also, the friendly greetings that I receive from them every time I head out and come back to the office re-energize and motivate me even after a long tiresome day. I highly recommend Servcorp to people who are working alone.

- International financial organization


K.K. Vilushana

I still remember the time I first visited Servcorp Tenjin office. The view from the spacious reception area was fantastic and the Servcorp team gave me a warm welcome.

The main reason for choosing Servcorp is the ability to have an office at a well-known building located at a prime business district. This improves our company status and allows our business to attract more customers. In addition, Servcorp has several locations across the globe, providing us an advantage when negotiating with large corporations. For businesses that have only been around for 1-2 years, it's highly important to build a good brand image; therefore, by operating your business in a 5-star business environment such as Servcorp, it's an advantage for you and it also becomes easier to gather talented employees. Having an office at a top location increases sales and gives a good impression to your clients. In addition, being in the same building as other large corporations further improves your credibility and gives you a chance to do business with the bigger players. The luxurious office interior also gives our interview candidates a lasting impression when they come in for job interviews.

Servcorp gives you "the first step toward success". I highly recommend Servcorp to those who are still considering.

- Osamu Sakamoto
K.K. Vilushana


Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories

Our business is built on security and reliability, so it was very important for us to have an office at good location. Servcorp Hakata met our needs with their convenient location - only a 2-minute walk from Hakata station – and also by having large corporate tenants in the same building.

I was used to working without an assistant, but since we set up an office with Servcorp, I am able to entrust the Servcorp staff to greet visitors and complete important tasks. Our visiting customers are impressed by the hospitality of the secretary, and this has helped us improve our company image.

Hakata is the gateway of Kyushu, allowing easy access to other local cities and also only 2 stations away from the airport, which is very convenient. On another note, I no longer have to worry about sudden visitors and phone calls while I am away on a business trip. The staff receives couriers on my behalf so I am always comfortable leaving the office.

- Chiaki Fujii
Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories


K.K. iSP

Compared to other companies which lacked quality services, Servcorp left a great first impression with well-rounded and highly educated staff. Furthermore, Servcorp Hakata is situated at a great location right in front of Hakata station, which lead me to think that having an office there would improve my business credibility.

Rather than hiring new employees, by requesting the highly skilled Servcorp staff to work on some tasks, I am able to run my business cost-effectively. I'm currently operating 3 businesses and as a result, I have to go on frequent business trips, leaving me with little to no time to finish other tasks. At such times I am considering requesting the Servcorp staff to create proposals, manage data, research on subsidies, etc. on my behalf.

Even if you don't have a physical office, you can use Servcorp's office when you have meetings with important guests. There are times when I was able to give my clients a great impression by using a Servcorp office, resulting to closing several deals. With Servcorp, you reduce costs and yet have access to a great business environment - how could it go wrong?!

- Tatsuo Yamasaki
K.K. iSP