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Coworking Space client at Edobori Center Building

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When businesses decide to enter the Japanese market most companies choose to plant their roots in Tokyo, the economic epicenter of Japan. Once they are stabilized and begin to flourish in this new market, these companies usually set their sights on Western Japan, specifically Osaka. Centrally located between Fukuoka and Tokyo, Osaka is often seen as the prime location when opening a branch in Western Japan.

Since its founding in Japan in 1980, French F&B Japan Co Ltd. (Japanese Branch of Classic Fine Foods) has been supplying the best hotels, restaurants, and confectionary makers in Japan with top-quality ingredients for over 35 years. When they decided to expand their reach further into Western Japan, they looked to Servcorp’s Edobori Central Building coworking space to fulfil their business needs. Mr. Benoit Dulche, Regional Sales Leader, discusses how Servcorp’s coworking space helped him develop their business in this new market.

“I always thought that a good coworking space was a great environment to focus on developing a business without investing too much in the first phase.”

Mr. Benoit Dulche
Edobori Center Building
Coworking Space client

Servcorp’s coworking space: the perfect solution when opening a branch on a budget.

Please tell us about your company…

Our company specializes in the importation and distribution of food products mostly from France and other European countries. We partner with the world’s finest producers in order to supply our demanding customers and provide them with the ingredients they need to create 5-star dishes. Once the products have been imported into Japan, they are then sent off to the wholesalers or directly to the clients. We have built a strong network with over 35 years of experience importing the world’s best quality food into the Japanese market.

Why did you choose Japan as your place of business?

When the company was founded 35 years ago, the demand for French cuisine in Japan was booming, and we were just a small company importing Foie Gras and other gourmet French cuisine. Eventually French F&B Japan became part of Classic Fine Foods, an international group which provides top quality food to the most demanding clients worldwide and is often considered as a leader by many of the best chefs. We are well established in Tokyo already and it is my mission to increase our presence in Kansai and Western Japan.

What exactly do you do?

Very succinctly speaking, we identify the top chefs’ needs, communicate closely with our supplying partners all over the world, and deliver the goods in perfect condition. The sales area I’m in charge of expands from Kansai to Okinawa, but at the moment most of my business takes place in Kansai and Hyogo. Business is developing exponentially and talking from experience I can tell that the potential in West Japan is still outstanding. We’ve been growing in this area at a consistent rate since we moved here, but we’re only at the beginning. I’m aiming to expand our presence further in all West Japan.

"Being in sales I go out and move around a lot, so it’s nice to be able to use the different coworking spaces at any Servcorp location.”

What factors did you consider when opening a branch in Western Japan?

Since our goal is to increase sales in Kansai and Hyogo first we needed an office in that area. At the time we were looking for a coworking space with a great atmosphere and which was easy to work in.

So you preferred a coworking space over a serviced office?

Yes. It was easy to get started that way. First in terms of budget and mobility, and I always thought that a good coworking space was a great environment to focus on developing a business without investing too much in the first phase.

I find it hard to work from home and I always use the office when I need to get things done. Also, being in sales I go out and move around a lot, so it’s nice to be able to use the different coworking spaces at any Servcorp location.

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What were the most important points for you when comparing office spaces?

One of my bosses already knew about Servcorp, so we decided to tour all three of their locations in Osaka. During the tours I focused on the openness of the space, the accessibility, decor, and overall feel. Budget of course was also an element we had to consider. After going over them thoroughly we decided that the Edobori Central Building location was the best fit for us.

What are your thoughts on the space after actually working there?

The staff provide me with all the support I need, and the space itself is just wonderful. I’ve used several of the other Servcorp locations when I go around Osaka for work, but I have to say the Edobori Central Building location feels the most open and relaxed of those I’ve seen so far. There are a lot of different kinds of restaurants and shops around which make the location convenient as well.

What kind of benefits have you experienced from using a coworking space?

Currently when I’m not meeting with clients I’m working from there almost every weekday. It’s perfect to get work done, it’s clean and professional, you can focus well, and of course there’s a nice kitchen with a coffee machine for whenever you need a break. I’ve worked from home and from cafes in the past when I was freelance but a good coworking space is great to concentrate and get work done.

It’s also good to have the ServCorp staff support in the office whenever I need it.

“I’ve worked from home and from cafes in the past when I was freelance but a good coworking space is great to concentrate and get work done.”

Do you use any of the services that Servcorp offers?

So far I mostly just send faxes and use the copier.

Do you plan on using any of the secretarial services in the future?

I already have our administrative team in Tokyo, so not immediately, maybe in the future.

Could you describe which Servcorp services you are most satisfied with?

I enjoy the clean and sharp corporate feel. On top of that the staff are always cheerful and professional. Sometimes I get a chance to have a quick chat with them, but a lot of the time I’m busy with work and don’t have much time to speak. Many of the coworkers here are nice and friendly though. It’s good to hear about other businesses and how different people have different approaches. We have a nice kitchen and as I said before an irreplaceably great coffee machine, so people who want can have a chat or socialize easily at any time.

What kind of companies would you recommend use Servcorp?

I think a lot of companies can benefit from it. If you want a great environment to get things done in a surrounding where you can also meet other professionals, it is a fantastic place to get started with a reasonable budget. I’ve been to many shared space offices before but I think Servcorp stands above the rest.


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